Codis - Servicios


We provide ISO 8217:2005 Marine Diesel and every different kind of requested IFOs, with ISO 8217:2005 y 2010 levels. See specifications aquí.


We distribute the most renowned brands in the market; our technical department has the experience and the availability to bring into line the corresponding information to guarantee that the required specification will be delivered with complete client satisfaction.


We offer the possibility to store fuel for long periods of time like when for example the MVs go into a dry dock period or for any kind of eventuality. We do all the process: Loading the fuel, storing it and afterwards returning it to the original source where it came from.


We are the only company in Colombia which is capable of doing fuel microfiltration for upgrading quality levels; we do so by using our applied aviation technology for marine lubricants and also for fuel cleaning procedures; we have the ability to completely treat contaminated or emulsified fuels by drying them out.


We have the logistic capability and the experience to carry out these tasks; with our barges, we collect out of specifications product in order to store it or to give to it the handling needed with the highest standards in safety and environmental protection.