Codis S.A.

By the year 2018 CODIS S.A. will be the most profitable, competitive and permanent growth company, renowned at a national and international level due to its leadership and soundness in commercialization and distribution of Hydrocarbons, satisfying the requirements of its clients, offering them the highest standards regarding quality, health, safety and environmental protection.

CODIS S.A. seeks to satisfy the needs and expectations of every client, providing in an efficient way the best standards in quality, commercialization and all services related with fuel operations and lubricants at a national and international level in the maritime, fluvial, industrial and terrestrial areas, keeping in such way a high level of commitment associating our performance to the excellence symbol we are as a company.

This performance is part of our commitment to develop plans that allow us to evaluate permanently the markets of all the goods and services we provide.

We also train and fit our employees and contractors on continuous improvement focused in diminishing costs and client service..

Gaining company growth is part of our mission; we do so, throughout the increment of our assets and fomenting human management to participate from new business opportunities.


  1. To maintain a Quality Management System allowing us to have the continuous improvement of our service.
  2. To carry out the corrective and preventive actions in order to maintain the control and upgrading of the system and by doing so, to diminish the occurrence of nonconformities found due to the same type of situation.
  3. To show evidence of fulfilling proposed goals and indicators that measures the quality objectives. In case of not presenting such evidence, to prepare plans of action in order to achieve the previously selected goals.
  4. To fit and motivate our personnel seeking to create a sense of belonging which allows us to reach the highest standards regarding the requested quality on national and international dispatches on the maritime, fluvial, industrial and terrestrial areas.
  5. To carry out the established customer service timelines for the correct fulfillment of the strengthening processes in fuel and lubricant supply, in order to achieve client satisfaction and ensure our presence in the market.
  6. To maintain and improve our external client satisfaction through the process of identifying and managing their opinions and the upgrading of the applicable processes.
  7. To diminish the margin of complaints and incidents through the process of implementing new norms and laboratories which allow us to detect on time variables that are out of specifications.


At CODIS S.A., we work to consolidate ourselves as a renowned organization at a national and international level concerning the distribution and commercialization of fuels and lubricants.

We are a client oriented organization to whom we want to satisfy and keep by offering high quality products. We upgrade and maintain the quality management system in a permanent way, guaranteeing in such manner the continuous improvement of the products and processes throughout service indicators, new projects and the efficient usage of our resources, all this is achieved by having competent and committed workers with the organization. In search of all this we commit ourselves to:

  1. To comply with legislation in force.
  2. To optimize our services, always seeking to reduce delivery timelines and actions generated in our operations that lessen performance through the revision and periodical updating of established quality policies, objectives and goals.
  3. To apply the ISO 9001 normative requirements in a rightful manner and to implement mechanisms of environmental sustainability.
  4. To create a quality culture focused on processes and the client.