In the year 2010, CODIS in order to become a more effective company regarding its responsibility and social commitment with the community of Pasacaballos, constitutes the CODIS FOUNDATION. For the last two years the foundation has been focusing its efforts on the promotion of citizen culture, increasing tolerance to differences, promoting art in its different forms of expression and fomenting the respect for cultural traditions. The foundation has also made an emphasis on protecting the environment and preserving the ecosystems and above all to show ourselves as a company committed with the community by being aware of their interests and to guarantee the wellbeing of the inhabitants and the social setting.

The CODIS FOUNDATION has managed to achieve benefit more than 60 children with the Pasacaballerito Chévere project; 50 more children with the RNA program; 80 more kids from the company´s direct area of influence and in a different way, we have touched more than 200 parents with the following projects:

Fundación Codis - Ayudando a mejorar la calidad de vida
  • 8 housing Wood improvements
  • 2 sanitary improvements
  • 1 ophthalmological aid for surgery
  • 1 mastectomy aid for surgery
  • 2 high treatment aids
  • 3 medical aids
  • 1 six months monetary support for student transportation
  • 2 religious party monetary supports
  • 1 international folkloric festival monetary support
  • 1 afro festival monetary support
  • 1 gas and recreation service billing support
  • We also donated 3 reflectors for a mini soccer field on the sector